Who is it for?

We recommend it for people who are facing any of the below listed problems:

  • the eyebrows are incomplete
  • the color of the eyebrows are too light
  • their form is shapeless
  • the eyebrows are not dense enough, it got thinner over the years
  • the eyebrows are not matching her face, or style
  • if it bothers that the eyebrows are too round
  • the hair is completely worn out

If any of these statements are valid for you then it’s time to make your life better with a permanent makeup eyebrow.

Types of eyebrow tattoos:

Shading technique: It used to be the only method of eyebrow tattooing. In some rare cases it can happen that this is the best choice for somebody. It can be contoured, or without sharp contour line. This type of technique means the shading to the entire form. It is recommended for somebody with no eyebrow hair or if her previous eyebrow tattoo was made with this method. We barely choose this technique because in the majority of the cases it is more suitable for the client to have a hair strokes eyebrow which is more genuine and has a 3D effect. However, the shading technique already has a modern version - just like other permanent makeup methods. The main characteristic of the revolutionary “Soft Brow” is that the shading is done without contour. It has an effect like the eyebrows have makeup on them made with brush and makeup dust. It remains for 2-3 years.

Soft Powder Eyebrow: It is the new revolution of the shading technique, when the eyebrows are having a powdery effect. This eyebrow looks exactly like you would do your makeup with the help of a brush and dust but without contour and sharp line. Soft Powder is more natural, compared to the traditional, contour lined shading technique. It’s no surprise that it’s huge success around the globe!

Hair stroke technique: The essence of this method is to imitate the hair strokes of the eyebrow with the help of a tattooing machine or a specific device produced for this purpose only. The newest trend of this technique is the so-called “Japanese/Microblading” method. Hair stroking is a very complex process. The purpose of it is to most-closely resemble the natural eyebrows. In this case the client’s hair’s density, firmness and color serve as a guide. The direction of the hair growth is taken into account during the design of the hair strokes. Under no circumstances are we using only parallel settlement of hair strokes because the natural growth of the eyebrow hair is not like that either. Please note, that eyebrows made with this technique are not famous for their durability, rather for their naturalism. They last for 1-2 years and after that it is suggested to freshen them up so they always look nice.

Microblading technique: The hair stroking is not made with a machine in this case but with a hand tool. This method enables to have the thinnest hair strokes even after healing. Nonetheless, it is recommended for those who did not have an eyebrow tattoo before. It remains for about a year. It’s so natural that your acquaintances probably won’t even notice it.

Hybrid technique: This is a mix of the microblading and the machine tattoo. We use the hand too to do the hair stroking and then with the help of the machine we either add more hair strokes among the previously made ones or we enrich the eyebrow with tiny shading movements. The Hybrid technique is used most frequently, when someone’s old shaded tattoo is faded enough to replace it with a natural looking hair stroke eyebrow tattoo.

How does the process go?

After our telephone conversation/consultation you visit our salon at the agreed time - please note that certain things have to be taken into consideration before a permanent makeup. The first and most important step is the planning as it is with every permanent makeup. We choose the right curve, shape and technique for you after detailed and precise pre-drawing. For the hair stroke method we usually draw the contour of the future eyebrow and fill it with realistic strokes. The contour won’t be tattooed of course.

Don’t worry about the pain!

We use anaesthetic gel/cream in all cases so the process is absolutely painless. The eyebrow tattooing has minimal swelling, or comes with erythema in some instances. However, the client can return to her duties or to work right after it.

How long does the healing take?

The eyebrows can be a bit crusty for 5 to 7 days. After that it will lift off nicely from the surface of the skin. It is FORBIDDEN to pick it, scratch it or to help the separation of the crust!

It is ideal to complete the correction at least 6 weeks, but at most 3 months after the first occasion.

The correction is included in the price!